Narrative in Instructional Design

Jessica Grimaud, Trina Harding, Richard E. West

Selections from Educational Technology Magazine

Stories and storytelling have been part of the human experience for centuries. Stories were the means of keeping histories and preserving cultural practices and legacies. Additionally, teachers used stories to help learners remember important information and relate more personally to concepts being taught. Narrative learning theory contends that, not only are stories an important teaching tool, they are in fact integral to learning. Narrative theory explores how learners make meaning through constructing personal narratives to structure information and experiences. In this book we explore narrative learning theory in the context of instructional design through articles originally published in Educational Technology magazine.


Book Description

The discontinued magazine Educational Technology was one of the top five most read periodicals in the field of instructional design, and it was often the first place new and important ideas were published. Dr. Richard West of Brigham Young University (who has overseen the creation of this book) has received permission from the editors, Howard and Larry Lipsitz, to republish selected articles from past issues of the magazine as open access books. Since the magazine has never been published online, these books will allow these wonderful articles to be preserved on the internet and made accessible to a wider audience than ever before. This book is one in a series of themed open access books curating some of the most important articles published in Educational Technology.